About the L.O.D.

For Patrons

Use the Local Organization Directory to find not-for-profit organizations whose focus meets your needs or interests. The directory is free for all to use and to list. Use the map feature to find your way to the selected organization and also find groups who are seeking volunteers!

Types of organizations include:

  • Registered non-profit organizations
  • Social service agencies
  • Special interest clubs
  • Support groups
  • Service clubs
  • Religious and spiritual organizations
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Professional associations
  • Government agencies

For Organizations

Gain visibility through the Local Organization Directory! The KPL website is viewed almost 800,000 times a year. Connect with individuals and other local organizations whose focus intersects with yours. List your organization for no charge.

You may list your organization if your group:

  • is a not-for-profit organization.
  • serves the Kalamazoo area. If your organization has a wider focus, you may still list if there is a local chapter or office.
  • is willing to submit an email address for KPL staff use. Though not required, we urge all organizations to submit an email address for public use, as well. Help the Kalamazoo community connect to you!
  • is able to update your record on an annual basis. You may update your record at any time; you need not wait for the annual update request.

If you meet all the above criteria and are ready to list your organization:

Add Your Organization

L.O.D. Guidelines

We do not list a group, or we will remove a listing, if an organization:

  • does not serve the Kalamazoo area (unless is has a locally-based office or chapter);
  • receives a commercial profit;
  • promotes discriminatory, hateful or violent attitudes and behavior towards other human beings or animals;
  • requests that we remove it;
  • ceases to exist;
  • does not respond to our repeated attempts to update their record for two years in a row;
  • directly defies KPL’s mission and policy statements.

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In 1973, the Kalamazoo Public Library published its first Directory of Community Resources. Lorna Chapman, East Branch Librarian and first editor of this directory, compiled information from about 300 local agencies, offering a wide variety of services. Grant funding from the Kalamazoo Foundation and the Civic Fund enabled KPL to publish and distribute 5,000 free copies of the book. Up to that point, other agencies in Kalamazoo had created similar directories. This was the first of its kind, however, published by a United States public library, according to then-director of the library, Dr. Mark Crum, who confirmed its uniqueness with the American Library Association.

In over four decades, the directory has had a few different names and variations. KPL created its first electronic online version using an Access database in 2002, and the library published its last print version in 2007. The Local Organization Directory has continued to provide information about community organizations online since that time. Through all its various iterations, the initial goal remains the same: Connect the Kalamazoo area community to free information about Kalamazoo area local organizations.

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